hilip Martin was born in Quebec, and raised in Montreal, and Corner Brook, Newfoundland. He studied fine art and theatre at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. Since 1991 he has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he began painting and exhibiting his work.

Martin learned to draw early in life, and his childhood aspiration was to be a cartoonist. Animation has always influenced his style, even as this has moved into less figurative, more abstract territory. For several of his first exhibitions, works were large, exaggerated faces and figures of people, and were shown in nightclubs in Vancouver. The subjects were the characters and protagonists of this scene, the musicians, bartenders, and club kids.

He began his exhibition history at 'The Gin Gallery', in Vancouver 1995, one of several fledgling galleries in Gastown. Many artists shared this neighborhood, during its last days of cheap rent, and spacious studios.


Following this period, Martin became interested in presenting colour, texture, and form without being as representational. Although themes and subjects can sometimes carry a body of work over many paintings, for Martin, most important is not what he paints, but how he paints it. "I have objectives, but nothing is as paramount as the enjoyment of creating. The energy from this suspends in a painting, and can transfer to the viewer."

Recently, Martin has been abstracting geographical images, in places where civilizations have grown. They are about our relationship with the natural world, what remains, what is altered, and what is removed. Also hinted at in these works is nature's ultimate reclaiming of itself from civilization.

Exhibition History

South End Gallery (SEG), Salt Spring Island BC
Market Place Café, Ganges

August 2011 - Present
Solo Exhibition | Abstractions From Above
Images of the Earth and civilizations from satellite photography.

Hollyburn Country Club, West Vancouver, BC

September 2010
Solo Exhibition | Contemporary Vancouver
Images of Vancouver, and the surrounding ocean.

Eastwood-Onley Gallery, Vancouver, BC

April 2009
Solo Exhibition | Western Migration
Images of Vancouver's bridges at twilight.

Sugar and Sugar Gallery, Vancouver, BC

March 2004
Group Exhibition
Abstract compositions.