Salt Spring Island Exhibition 2011


ltering traditional viewpoints, Martin currently uses pictures from planes, satellites, and Google Earth to form compositions from above. "Several years ago, when exploring ideas for abstract subjects, I painted a few works from photos taken from a plane window. I liked the way they looked like maps. Later on, when Google released 'Earth', I decided to revisit the idea, because of the incredible flexibility this program allows you. It is easy to manipulate the perspective until it is barely recognizable. Although I use only places of personal significance to paint, what you are seeing is not always supposed to be obvious, and I'm embellishing, too. I'm trying to present a feeling rather than any kind of geographical exactness. So far this series has presented a few surprises during the process; portions of the work seem to manifest from beyond conscious choices."

Selected Works

Martin's painting has changed over time, as he chooses different subjects and themes to explore.There are, however, elements uniting the the various styles. Animation, and the "ligne claire" (clear line) style of drawing are evident throughout, adding a graphic quality to his abstractions. Bold colours, eroded textures, and a rich, layered technique also add continuity to Martin's painting.


Upon occasion, Martin has accepted commissions.They offer the opportunity to practice a representational, more realistic style of painting.The skill of drawing is still at the core of his most exploratory abstracts.

Private Collections

The Mosel River Wine Region, Germany

This body of work was requested by a wine importer, as gifts to his German producers. They feature the four seasons, and a vertically based diptych to highlight the steep slopes of the vineyards.